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Monday, January 7, 2008

Bill Clinton & The Middle East

I don't know about Hillary being a bitch. I don't personally knw her well enough to use expletives BUT
there are good reasons why I will not vote for her [altho at one time i thought I would].
I think that she is as deceitfull as her husband, and she appears to be a person short of telling the truth. So what? Other politicians do the same. In many respects she is no better nor worse than most of the persons running in this camapain. I think that she would be very strongly influenced by her husband's opinions and her husband was a moral scorpion when it came to deceisions about Israel. President Clinton was more concerned about making a good impression on Arafat than on helping america's only real ally in the Middle East. he actually forced Barak to take measures that weakened Israel. Today, mainly because of Clinton, Israel is actually weaker than in the 20th century. To a great degree, Israel survives today because of it's neighbors' continuous Levantine mode of being. Levant used to descrive merely a portion of the globe - the Near East. It now has become a term of denigration, implying backwardness and barbarous thinking and actions. No matter how technological the Levantines become, they cannot enter the 21st century - so they cannot be on a par with israel which is very much in the 21st century Western world.
Clinton performed some very dirty business in the Middle East when he was in office. In the mid-90s, a cabal of Iraqi top military brass contacted his administration and asked for his help in overthrowing Sadam and installing a military government. In return, America would have received military bases in Iraq along with good breaks on oil prices. What did Clinton do? He ignored them. Had he accepted, thousands of American and Iraqi lives could have been saved and we would have had a greater foothold in the Middle East.
During that same period, a military junta in Syria asked Clinton's help in overthrowing Assad. They promised America,not only good oil prices, but a complete social reform including equal rights for women. Clinton informed Assad of the plot and all the generals who had trusted Clinton to be a mentsch were killed by Assad. What good did it do America? Syria hates America. Such is Bill Clinton - who forced Israel out of the protective zone in southern Lebanon. He is a maggot. Hillary is only the maggot's wife.

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