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Monday, August 3, 2009

Healthcare - LISTEN TO IT

I don't care if you’re democrat or republican.....we had better open our eyes and our hearts before it is too late. This is a MUST listen to. It is not too long ... this should really rile you up!

Pres Obama's & the Democrat's Health Care Bill is unmasked. Would you want your
government to make it mandatory that you have counseling every 5 years on how to end
your life sooner, so they don't have to "care" for you?!

Listen to the interview by Fred Thompson with Betsy McCaughey (former Lt Gov of NY),
it's quite eye-opening, and some other eye-openers are mentioned also.

I know some may say it's "scare tactics" (why escapes me, for she's simply quoting the bill),
but if you'll remember, Betsy McCaughey is the same woman who derailed the Hillary Clinton
Health Care Plan; she actually read the entire bill and blew it apart. She's doing the same here.

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