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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does

--by Horatio Algeranon

Stupid is,
As stupid does.
The Globe is cooling
Just because...

The temperature
Just yesterday
Was warmer than
It is today!
Statistics don't lie!
The trend is down!!
("Two points make a line"
Is what Euclid found.)

The winter ice,
Has recovered nice.
One whole inch thick!!
That should suffice,

To prevent its melting,
In the summer.
(For Gore, I'm sure,
A royal bummer.)
The CO2 rise
Has begun to slow.
Fallen (!!), in fact,
Two months in a row!

Which means,
Of course,
That fossil burning,
Can't be the cause,
As we've been learning.

The solar output's
On the fall.
A Maunderish Min
Has caused a stall.

A "Little Ice Age"
Is on the way!
It might arrive
Just any day!

That really cannot
Be denied.

They predicted warming,
When it’s been cooling!!
It’s only themselves
They have been fooling.

Stupid is,
As stupid does.
The Globe is cooling,
Just because...

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